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Thierry Mugler's Show

Not only will you hear Nina's voice during the show, but you can hear her singing live one hour before each show till Christmas. 


Client: CANON 

The latest model job Nina did with with famous make-up artist Einat Dan and photographer Ben Asif, for CANON.

THE WYLD - premiere

 Nina had a wonderful time at the premiere and has caught the eye of many photographers and the local press.

Upcoming Events

4th OCT
ISC in Oslo
Electro Stat

12th OCT
Fashion Show

23rd OCT
"The WYLD"
Premiere @ Friedrichstadtpalast


Education Of Mary

"Get educated! Assignment: inflect your lust!"
This sexiest musical is a music, theater and show project by Nina de Lianin and Florian Caspar Seibel. The premiere is planned for 2014 in Berlin.